Steadicam Merlin Hire

Steadicam Merlin Hire
Rent Steadicam Merlin
Steadicam Merlin Hire
Rent Steadicam Merlin

Steadicam Merlin Hire

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The STEADICAM® MERLINT is ultra-light, ultra-rigid, ultra precise, folds spectacularly and is beautiful - in short, the ideal instrument for today's videographers with camcorders or HD DSLR's weighing up to 5 pounds. For documentaries, weddings, news segments, commercials, even low-budget features, the Merlin shines. In practiced hands, it performs as impressively as the big $60,000 Steadicam, yet remains ultimately unobtrusive. The Merlin is not only stable, it is also an inherently graceful way to hold a camera -not only for big moves and running around, but also for those subtle, imperceptible and elegant displacements of the lens that cannot be achieved any other way. 

Whether you're an independent camera professional, or running the corporate AV department; a wedding and event videographer or real estate agent; enthusiast or film student, the Steadicam Merlin is right for you. 

Brilliantly conceived. Affordable. Versatile. Adjustable. Precise. The Steadicam Merlin. The simplicity of pure design married to common-sense ergonomics.

Unique Features for the Steadicam® Merlin

- DV/HD Camcorder Compatible 
- HD DSLR Compatible 
- Exclusive 6-Bearing Metal Gimbal Assembly 
- "Folding Caliper" Hinge 
- Patented 3-axis Gimbal Handle 
- Lightweight 
- Weighs less than 12.8 oz 
- Supports cameras from 0.5 to 5 lbs (up to 7.5 lbs with arm and vest) 
- Affordable cost 
- Quick release mount 
- Ultra-compact folded design 
- Aluminum alloy upper and lower spars. 

What is Steadicam®?

A Steadicam® is a body-worn camera stabilisation system which was invented in the 1970s by American Oscar®-Winning inventor, Garrett Brown. The Steadicam® has been used on countless movie and television productions the world over since its invention and allows a camera to be as free as a handheld camera to float in-between obstacles, up and down stairs and over rough ground without the shake associated with hand holding. 

With the advent of lightweight camcorders in the 1980's, Garrett Brown invented a simpler, smaller and lighter version of his Oscar® winning invention that could be held in the operators hands yet could still yield the same stable shots. He named this the Steadicam® JR. 

High quality HD cameras demanded a more robust system, so Garrett set to work on developing the multi-award winning Steadicam® Merlin; a slicker, sexier and even more precise version of his Steadicam® JR, carefully and precisely constructed from aluminium. 

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Our Steadicam Merlin hire package includes :
1 x Steadicam Merlin Arc
1 x Dovetail Plate
1 x Mounting Screw