Sony HVR-V1 Camera Hire

Sony HVR-V1 Camera Hire
Rent Sony HVR-V1 Camera
Sony HVR-V1 Camera Hire
Rent Sony HVR-V1 Camera

Sony HVR-V1 Camera Hire

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The HVR-V1 HDV camera hire can switch between HDV1080i, DVCAM, and DV recording, providing the full flexibility to record in either a standard or high-definition format according to different production needs. When recording in DVCAM and DV formats, standard definition images can be captured in either 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratio.

The HVR-V1 has two XLR audio input connectors for connecting professional microphones or for receiving external-line audio sources. Microphone power of approximately 48 V can be supplied for the external condenser microphone. INPUT 1 audio can be recorded either on CH1 only or on both CH1 and CH2 audio tracks.

The HVR-V1 provides a 20x optical zoom function (equivalent to 37.4-748mm in 35mm film format, 16:9 mode). Adding greater convenience to this zoom function is its Digital Extender, which magnifies the image by approximately 1.5x. Combining the optical zoom with this Digital Extender achieves a stunning 30x zoom ratio with minimal picture degradation. The Digital Extender functions at every zoom position.

The AF (Auto Focus) Assist function allows operators to make the AF function focus on the desired subject. This is useful, for example, when operators need to focus on subjects through a window. Operators can manually change the focus position using the focus ring, allowing the AF reference position to be shifted to a manually set position.

The HVR-V1U provides a convenient function to store camera settings as CAMERA PROFILE data. It can store and recall 20 sets of such data – including menu settings, PICTURE PROFILE data and A or B white balances values– in its internal memory (sufficient for 2 sets) and Memory Stick Duo media. This is useful for sharing camera setting data among multiple cameras.

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Our Sony HVR-V1 HDV camera hire package includes :

1 x Sony HVR-V1 Camera

1 x Sony Charger with power cable

2 x Batteries

1 x Carry Case