Sony UTX-H2 (UTXH2) Lav Mic Kit Hire

Sony UTX-H2 (UTXH2) Lav Mic Kit Hire
Sony UTX-H2 (UTXH2) Lav Mic Kit Hire

Sony UTX-H2 (UTXH2) Lav Mic Kit Hire

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The UTX-H2 handheld microphone contains a uni-directional microphone capsule. This handheld microphone is ideally suited for A/V presentation and interview applications. The UTX-H2 handheld transmitter works with any of the UWP receivers operating within the same frequency band.

  • Proven Technology
    The UWP series is based on proven technology that offers high levels of performance at a greatly reduced price. Sony has long been established in the wireless microphone market and brings together a wealth of knowledge and technical expertise to provide the latest wireless microphone products.
  • Microphone attenuation function.
    The attenuator function permits the user to adjust the audio input level to the belt-pack transmitter to suit the vocal characteristics.
  • Low running costs
    The UTX-B2 unit operates on AA batteries as opposed to the traditional 9 volt (PP3). This reduces running costs to the user. A surprising amount of money can be saved over a very short period of time. Running costs are not always considered when choosing a wireless microphone system.
  • All new features
    The new UWP range has all the advantages of the existing UWP range with the addition of a completely new design, All metal body, LCD displays & improved sound quality.
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Our Sony UTX-H2 (HTXH2) Lav Mic Kit Hire Includes

1 x Sony Transmitter

1 x Sony Receiver

1 x Lav Mic